The Frugal but Professional Practice (Part 1)

I believe that hypnotism is a calling. And if you get it, it sort of burns in your breast until you do something with it. Once you start really seeing hypnotic phenomena in friends or clients you become kind of star struck and most of us can never go back to the old way of being. You change. It's like waking up. And the curious thing is not everyone gets the call from seeing the magic. It's a special gift for a select few.

Grow From Where You Are (Part 3)

In this article read about:

  • I've Changed My Mind, I like Stinky Dogs
  • Just Get Off Your Lazy Butt and Help People
  • McHyp-Donalds Now Hiring
  • Who Says You Have to Charge Money?
  • Hypnosis Is Crap! Or is it the Hypnotist?
  • If You Don't buy this you're Plain Crazy
  • The Low Down on the Dollars and Cents
  • The Truth is the World Needs You
  • Something Kind of Neat for Free

Getting Clients to Knock (Part 4)

In this article read about:

  • The Door by the Dumpster
  • Making Hypnosis Warm and Fuzzy
  • Find Your Website at the Grocery Store
  • Smooth Talking
  • Dragons, Fairies and Rainbows
  • Why a Little Bigger is a Lot Better
  • A FREE Gift for you

Happy New Year! One Year Later Still in Business! (Part 5)

In this article read about:

  • Crazy Lady Becomes a Fine Hypnotist
  • Get Fired and Start A New Career
  • How to Hypnotize Drunk People to Shut Up
  • Pammy and the Strange Sickness
  • Hypnotist and Psychoanalyst talk Freud
  • His Name Was Warren and He Rode a Harley
  • How Much Money I Really Made This Year
  • A Free Script For You!

Bringing Radio and Hypnosis Together (Part 6)

In this article read about:

  • Cha Cha Cha Changes
  • 5-PATH Classes COMING SOON to the Good Ole South!
  • Become a Radio Hypnotist!
  • Why Those Crazy Radio Announcers are so Crazy
  • Cross-Promotion not Cross-Dressing
  • Marry These Words on your Website
  • Another Free Script for You