Bringing Radio and Hypnosis Together (Part 6)

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  • Cha Cha Cha Changes
  • 5-PATH Classes COMING SOON to the Good Ole South!
  • Become a Radio Hypnotist!
  • Why Those Crazy Radio Announcers are so Crazy
  • Cross-Promotion not Cross-Dressing
  • Marry These Words on your Website
  • Another Free Script for You

In the last article I asked you to say a little prayer for us so that we could find and settle on a new location and I am happy to say that we closed on a new home about 3 weeks ago that we hope to use for both business and to live in. So thanks for the prayers everyone!

Cha Cha Cha Changes

Unfortunately, there is this one problem with it. This house needs a lot of work. Remember that IRA that I was trying not to get into? Well, we had to pull more money out of it for the down payment, and will probably have to take out even more money for renovations before its all said and done. Luckily, my husband is very handy! We hope to be moved in personally and business-ly by May first.

5-PATH Classes COMING SOON to the Good Ole South!

I never would have considered buying this house if I didnt feel pretty good about the future of our business. In fact, I feel so good about the future of Family First Hypnosis that I also made another financial commitment that I have been mulling over since last summer. I am going to train to be a teacher of 5-PATH. Thats right, Im taking Cal Banyans training this July via webcam to become a C-PHI. (Certified Professional Hypnosis Instructor). I am so excited because I will be the first 5-PATH instructor in the Southern United States! I am exceedingly happy to be bringing this process to Texas and can not wait to see the waves of change happening down here y'all. Of course, I put class dates up on my website already. My first class starts in September and another follows in November!

Become a Radio Hypnotist!

Since I last shared this space with you, another VERY exciting thing happened that I wanted to tell you about! The producer for the Kidd Kraddick Radio Show (a very successful high energy syndicatedprogram based here in Dallas) called me and asked me to hypnotize their listeners for weight loss during the morning show! I made sure my mouth said yes before my fear caused me to blubber otherwise. Boy am I glad I did!

I could not have paid for a better promotional opportunity for my business. Not only did they promote on the air (for 3 days) that I was an upcoming guest on the show, but they also put a link to my website from their website. If you ever get the chance to be on the radio dont forget to ask those in charge if theyll put a blurb about you on their site with a link to yours. Its worth asking and they will probably say yes.

Professional, efficient stations will probably want to put your contact information on their site because once the show is over, it is very likely callers who couldnt call in at the time will be calling in for your contact information. When this happens it is a whole lot easier for the announcer to say the information is on the website then it is to find it on a scrap of paper that may or may not still be lying around in the studio. Just dont expect to have your link up there indefinitely. Theyll probably take it off when they get into the next promotion they are doing.

When I had the good fortune of being on this wonderful radio program my only wish, looking back, was that I had more products to sell and a better Shopping area on my website. At the time I had to rush to produce and put up products and since that area of my site needs a LOT of work I ended up not having a lot to sell. My suggestion to you is, if you can afford it; spend the money to get your products page looking good, so when an opportunity like this happens to you, you can have enticing products for the listeners to buy.

Another, sort of bummer, was that I was booked well in advance session-wise, already, when I did the show. This was partly because of the great numbers of people calling with New Years resolutions at the first of the year and partly because of referrals and (probably mostly) from being listed on Cal Banyans site. My session work takes 4-6 visits, so any new callers had to be booked way out, or they had to be put on a waiting list. After the show, I even ended up having to refer out several to another hypnotist in town.

Because of these issues, I wasnt able to make a LOT of immediate income from the free publicity, but I was able to make some and I am STILL getting calls for hypnosis from listeners of that show one month later! Plus, Im hoping I made a very good impression on the announcer so he may call me in the future or refer me to other announcers. Also, I got lots of cool audio and pictures for my website.

The page I put up has photos from the Kidd Kraddick show along with audio bites for viewers to listen to. Its a fun page! And would-be interviewers can even hear what I sound like on the air. I also have a link from my front page that says as heard on the Kidd Kraddick Show! along with a photo of several audience members in hypnosis! That picture is worth a thousand words so make sure you get photos while doing hypnosis.

My friend Lisa Dent who is a big fan of Kid Kraddick and is herself a very fine morning show host in Chicago was so excited when she heard the audio on my site that she said she wanted to do something like it. She even let her Program Director see my webpage and listen to the audio while they were doing a remote broadcast in Ireland. She said he loved it too, so who knows, I may be going to Chicago one day or maybe shell find a local hypnotist anything for the promotion of hypnosis is fine with me because we all benefit.

Another thing you can do when you have a great webpage with photos and audio up, is send the link to other radio show hosts and producers with a heading on your email something like this: Dallas Hypnotist Wows the Kidd Kraddick Show! Since Kidd is a big name in the radio business and since announcers in general like to borrow ideas from each other, you may get on another radio show! So think big especially if you have products to sell. Send the link to radio shows in other big cities! You may only end up doing a phone interview but you will be allowed to give out your website or phone number!

In fact, I must say, there is no shame when it comes to this borrowing ideas thing among announcers. It is a common practice because it is very hard to constantly come up with fresh content. Have you ever gone into another market, outside of your hometown and found that a DJ is doing something you THOUGHT was unique to YOUR favorite Robbie Radio personality? Hey, they aint stupid. Kidd Kraddick is FAMOUS cuz he is GOOD and he does GREAT bits (bits are the stunts that announcers do to gain attention like have a hypnotist on the air). And what do YOU do when you want to be very good at something? You follow the lead of someone else.

Keep in mind that constantly coming up with creative things to do on the airfor a radio show is a real challenge. In fact, the greatest fear of an announcer is they wont know what to say or wont have any fresh content for the next break (time when they are supposed to talk between records) or for the next show.

For radio personalities, ideas dont even have to come from leaders in the radio industry. They just have to be good ideas, which leads me to another way to get on the radio; give announcers free show prep. Show prep is a list of creative ideas for a radio show. An announcer is doing show prep when he is brainstorming ideas for his show. They have to do it EVERY DAY. Announcers sweat to come up with some of the stuff you hear them do and say. Its a hard job. If you can send them a great idea, like how they can tie in hypnosis with a stunt or an event that they are doing, and if it is good and they use it, you will be a hero!

Show prep can even be a line they read. We call these one-liners They are fillers and are very important to announcers who are supposed to come up with content and deliver it (say it) in only 20-30 seconds or less on the air. Here is an example: Its actually World Hypnotism day! Did you know one of the first hypnotists was a guy named Mesmer? He coined the term Mesmerism which later became the word hypnosis. An announcer would then add something like this to tie it all in Lets mesmerize you with the traffic now, Julie, have they cleared up that gas spill on highway 75 yet?

Did you read the line about Mesmer to see how long it would take a jock (announcer) to deliver it? Try it. Get out your watch with the second hand and read it. That line takes all of nine seconds! A lot of announcers are looking for stuff just like this!

Speaking of all this radio stuff, one of the things I think is a good idea for World Hypnotism Day is to come up with a page of interesting one-liners or short blurbs about hypnotism and email them to announcers with your contact information. In the email remind them that World Hypnotism day is coming and tell them what day it is.

As an announcer-turned-hypnotist, I must say that I wish World Hypnotism Day would fall later then it does because a lot of the best announcers are not back from Christmas vacation by January 4th.. Most high-profile announcers go on vacation in between rating periods and this time of year falls in-between rating periods. Another problem is that the jocks that fill in, often do not have the authority to do longer stunts or even interviews. BUT, the good news is the ones who are back, may not be quite on the ball quite yet after Christmas vacation and may welcome a little help with their show prep.

Hey, here is a way to grab a radio announcers attention at this time of year. In the subject line of an email you send before World Hypnotism Day you could write: Got a HANGOVER? Free Show prep for January! Or simply: Free Show Prep to start of the New Year! Even better would be Get Better TSL with Hypnosis! Or Arbitron Diaries Returned with Hypnosis. Why? Show Prep, TSL and Arbitron Diaries are all the lingo of the radio broadcasting industry and are more likely to be taken seriously and therefore read. (Read down further for more information about TSL and Arbitron.)

Cross-Promotion not Cross-Dressing

Keep in mind if they put your contact information on a stations site that another cool thing may happen. Other announcers in different parts of the day on the station (or dayparts as announcers sometimes call the segmented times when they are on the air) will probably also be visiting the site to learn what happened on the morning show and then they will likely end up talking about you too! Why is this? Announcers are taught from the get-go to both sound like they are informed and to cross-promote.

What is cross-promotion? Cross promotion happens when you have one announcer from one daypart talking about what happened or will be happening on another daypart. This is important to build the all important TSL or time spent listening that the rating system (called Arbitron) for radiorecords from diaries sent out to and returned from selected people. The recorded ratings, once calculated, are given to sales departments and ad agencies and are used as a tool for selling to would-be advertisers. Make no mistake about it, that funny disc jockeys most important job is to push the button that plays the commercials not the button that plays your favorite song.

By the way dayparts are also called air-shifts and for the most part they are four to 5 hours long. Here are the typical dayparts: 6am to 10am is the morning show. 10am to 3pm is called the mid day show. The Afternoon show is usually 3-7pm and then the night time show starts at 7pm and continues until 12 midnight. The last show is the overnight show from 12 midnight to 6 am. Announcers usually shorten the name of them when talking to each other, and will call them mornings, mid days, afternoons, evenings and overnights.

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The morning show is typically the show that has the highest profile entertainer on it. It also usually has the highest ratings, which means the most listeners. Its the very best place to be as a guest although, I wouldnt turn away ANY opportunity to do ANY radio show. Usually, the Afternoon show has the second largest following with mid days coming in third then nights, and lastly overnights.

Why Those Crazy Radio Announcers are so crazy

Remember when working with a morning show team that the primary announcer on the morning show has enormous pressure on him to get and keep listeners. Getting and keeping listeners means ratings. Ratings means the sales department can sell time(The spots on the air where the commercials go) and that he, the announcer, and the team can maybe keep their jobs and maybe even get a raise.

This is why there are so many wacky characters hosting morning shows. If you do an appearance (be on the show) on a zany morning show make sure you can be kidded with and dont take yourself or what you do too seriously. This will only set you up for pot shots, which no announcer worth his salt is going to miss taking. Their JOB is to make the audience laugh or say Oh my God did you hear what Robbie Radio said to that hypnotist?

Do not worry if you get teased. Play along with it. Do not worry if you make a mistake or you dont get to say all that you want to say. Howard Stern said it right, all publicity is good publicity. You cant lose out when going on the radio unless you say or do something God-awful like say you hypnotize naked children to kill puppies (Im trying to come up with something really bad here) or worse. Kidd Kraddick actually called me the lying hypnotist on the air! He even said, Would you go to a lying hypnotist? to the audience I had just hypnotized! You have to listen to the audio to really get why. Its pretty funny.

And as the lying hypnotist, I must say, I have gotten many a phone call anyway. So there, Mr. Kidd :o). By the way, this is one of the ways they make it okay to pick on guests in their own minds. They KNOW the more they highlight you, and they can do that by teasing or picking on you, that YOU will benefit, so they dont necessarily care if you get upset or get your feelings hurt. Now that YOU know this, have FUN and enjoy the teasing.

You will be given the chance to give out your website or phone number. Thats just fair and, announcers know that. They will likely, ask you for your phone number or your website during the show. That will come towards the end most times but not always. If they forget, or things seem to be wrapping up, you can speak up and say something like Oh, my website is! Please visit me! We have a LOT of great hypnosis CDs! Be sure you do not try to make all of your time into a commercial for your business or you will look like that is all you care about. You will still get lots of calls. Dont worry! Keep in mind your job is to help the announcer with the entertainment part you may even be invited back perhaps.

Now remember what I said about how the announcers job it to amuse the audience or create an Oh my God (OMG) response in listeners? They will get that from anywhere they can get it, as long as it isnt too taboo (and their idea of taboo and yours can vary greatly.) I dont know of any morning show, even NPR and News Talk stations that are not looking for an OMG response from their listeners to some degree. Hey, dont believe me? Watch the news tonight. America is addicted to drama and Oh my Gods! (On a separate note when we stop our addiction to wanting that thrill the news will be prettier and the world will change to more like we SAY we want, but that is another soapbox that maybe only a radio announcer-turned-hypnotist can understand fully)

Now, lets talk some more about how to get on the radio. If you have something an announcer thinks will inform or entertain their audience the DJ will probably want to have you on his show, but getting through to them so that they can even consider it can be tricky if they are very popular. Most radio talent (yet another word for an announcer) are usually bombarded with tons of requests to be on their show.

I suggest contacting them through email and snail mail and just being persistent. They may not have room to fit you in the first time you let them know you have something to offer, but by the third or fifteenth time you may get in. Even if you dont have the best idea on how they can use a hypnotist on their show, try anyway, you never know when you will hit them on a day when they got up late and are low on show prep.

Another and an easier route for getting on the radio is to lure them to you. This is what I did to be on the Kidd Kraddick Show. When I was first approached to be a guest on his show the offer came via email from Kidd Kraddicks producer. This is also the way an offer to be interviewed came to my attention a few months earlier from Dallas Child magazine. When I asked both of the people who contacted me why they chose me, they both said they liked my website and the Kidd Kraddick producer said that she saw that I had radio experience.

More and more people looking for a story for a magazine or content for a radio or TV show are doing what you and I do when we are looking for something; they are going to Google and doing a search for information. The producer for the Kidd Kraddick show was told to find a hypnotist for the weight loss promotion being done on the air. I think the seed was planted when researching hypnotists once she saw the word radio was mentioned on my contact page because on that page I mention that I have been a radio announcer.

I do not think you need to be an announcer to make this work for YOU. I am willing to bet that if you have a very good website that the search engines are finding regularly and you plant the seed that you, hypnosis and radio go together someone will find you eventually.

Marry These Words on your Website

Here are some statements that I think will plant the seed on your website to get you on the air (use your name of course): Rebecca Johnson is available as a radio or television guest. Rebecca Johnson has appeared in Jiminy Crickets magazine and is available for comment or interview for television and radio interviews too. Expert Hypnotist, Rebecca Johnson, is available for comments or interviews. For an fascinating radio or television guest contact Rebecca Johnson at 972-673-0110. Yes that WAS Rebecca Johnson you heard on the WCCR morning show, book her for your radio or TV show today! Just remember to marry your name and hypnosis with the word radio, in some way, on your site.

You can also put your list of what you have done in terms of media experience and presentations on a Rebecca Johnson Hypnosis Center About Town page. This sends a clear message that you LIKE talking about what you do, that you have something to say. It also gives the hint that you are experienced at handling an audience and that you dont buck at interview questions.

Also if you do not have audio up on your site yet, do it! Do a little 30 second commercial in your own happy, upbeat voice, about what you do. This is a great way for a possible producer to picture what you might sound like on their show! In fact, speaking of your voice, if you ever DO a show get a recording of the show and send it to other potential radio shows. This will act as your Air Check, a sort of audio resume. Be sure to include a sort of cover letter and a written resume too. And I dont know why you couldnt send it to TV stations while you are at it.

In upcoming changes to my site I am going to post a copy of a photo from that November issue of Dallas Child magazine (which has a very pretty cover) with the interview I gave that is inside. I also gave a talk to Sysco corporation called Anger, How to really get Free. I took photos and got a testimonial from the manager and will be posting that on my about town page as well.

Be prepared when you are on a radio show that has a nice following for the phones and emails to start pouring in right away after leaving the show! I couldnt possibly get everyone in to see me in a timely fashion. I had to refer out people and put others on a waiting list and I am STILL one month later getting calls and emails from people who as they say it, heard me on Kidd Kraddick.

I also have gotten three other offers to come and do presentations. One came from a radio station in Tyler, Texas about two hours from Dallas. The Tyler station carries the Kidd Kraddick show as their morning show (they are an affiliate). They are having a womans expo and wondered if I would come and talk to the woman for an hour or so. I initially said no since it would take me away from my session work, but then offered to make a trade for commercial time. I am currently considering that opportunity.

I have to say that of all the positive things that came out of the Kidd Kraddick show, my favorite thing was a very simple pleasure that I always used to enjoy when I was on the radio as an announcer before. I walked into my favorite diner, Chubbys Restaurant in Plano the next day after the show. All the wait staff there knows me by name. One of my favorites is Linda. She is just a loud, amusing very direct personality who I just love. As soon as she saw me she was so excited! She said was that YOU I heard on the Kidd Kraddick show? That was so cool! She was beaming and smiling from ear to ear. And you know what? It was really cool. My friend heard me on the radio! When you go on the radio you will just love the effect it has on people.

Well before I close, most of you who have been following my other articles know that one of the things I like to do is give the real truth about how you can start a hypnosis business on a shoestring and make money at it. So here are the dollars and cents so far for 2007. At this writing I am in my 15th month of business. Last year, when I started out in my tiny apartment, I made $1700.00 in January 06. Already this January I have made $6400.00! This year February brought in $4643.00 as apposed to last years $2000.00! So far, so good.

One of the main reasons for the increase in income this year, other than the Kidd Kraddick Show, is because I have been able to increase my session fee again. Apparently, it was time when I was booked up, for weeks in advance. Its easy to have a full client schedule when the search engines are finding you. They appear to be mainly finding me due to the ad I have on Cal Banyans site. This ad has been invaluable. I have also been able to handle more clients as Ive improved as a hypnotist and that too has meant more money.

So, I am now up to $169 per session. I started out at $100 per session in January 06. I offer a 5 session discount of $750 which brings the cost per session down to $150 each. I have to thank Maureen Banyan, Steve Gruber and my mother for the encouragement to raise my fees again. Everyone but me could see that the market would be willing to support an increase and boy was I happy that was true!

Another Free Script for You

Soldier Matthew Reporting for Duty
By Celeste Hackett, CH
(Finishing School and Homework)

(I put this script together for a little client of mine who loves to play the video game Call of Duty which is a war game set during Hitlers time. I do not in any way encourage or endorse video games like this for kids, but when God gives you lemons you make lemonade. I suggest you read over it and change it to fit your clients individual needs.)

Now you are a really smart guy and you can remember all sorts of things that you like to remember and you can concentrate on things that you like for a long time. For instance you can play video games for a long time and you love playing with your toys or watching TV. You are very good at concentrating on these things for very long periods of time. In fact, you are so good at concentrating that your scores are improving when you play Call of Duty. Playing COD takes a lot of practice and a lot of skill and you are getting better and better at it every day because you know that the more you do it, the better you get at it and watching your skills grow in the game is so much fun.

Now you have come to see me so that you can improve some other skills, your concentration in your school work and on your homework. You told me that you are ready to settle down and work on your lessons at home and at school. Up until now you have been stopping your lessons before getting finished. You have been stopping them when you want to stop them. Sometimes you just get up and (insert what the child is doing to stop the lesson such as check on your mom or on your turtle or you go get a glass of water or something.) But now you are ready to stop that and really settle down and focus and stay with your school work until it is done or until your mom gives you permission to take a break because you know that everything will be fine and can wait until you are finished.

So today we will be working with that big part of your mind where your imagination is and your imagination will help you to be the best and the most focused and good student that you can be AND so that you can even like doing your school work. Would you like to that?


Now you love that game called Call of Duty isnt that right? And you know that there are a lot of heroes in that game. They are brave men who fight and do a great job of stopping the enemy. Its important to stop the enemy. And that is what soldiers do because if you dont the enemy will hurt you or your country or your fellow soldiers and you cant let that happen so you have to be strong and fast and good at using your skills to stop the enemy.

Now the funny thing is that if you lived in Germany during WW2 you would have thought for sure that Americans were the enemy and you would have tried your hardest to stop the Americans because you would truly believe that stopping the Americans was your duty because back during WW2, to the Germans, Americans were the enemy. They thought we were the bad ones.

But why did they think we were so bad? Why did they want to fight and kill us? Why were they so mean to us? Because Hitler lied to them and told them we were the bad ones. He told his own people in his own country lies. He said that we were the bad ones and the German people believed him because they didnt know the truth. No one told them the truth until it was too late and a lot of people died because of Hitlers lies.

And that is just one battle that went on where a soldier has gotten the wrong information. There are always battles going on somewhere. Some involve killing like in wars, but some involve just plain arguing. There are battles between countries. There are battles between friends, they are more like arguments, and there are battles between family members. The great thing about battles of any kind is that sooner or later the arguing and fighting stops. Battles are just a strange way that some people have to learn to get along.

And did you know there are also battles that a person can have inside? A person who is overweight has to fight with himself so that he keeps himself from fattening food. One part of him says mmmm that ice cream cone looks good and the other part says stay away from that you are trying to lose weight!

Kids have battles inside too. One part of the kid says, brush your teeth and the other part says Ill do that later! Leave me alone! Do you ever do that? Do you have one part that wants to do something and another part that doesnt?

And you have been having another battle inside your mind too. One part of you has been saying, do your school work! The other has been saying no! I dont want to right now. The part that doesnt want to do your school work has been doing whatever he wants to do. He just gets up and does whatever he wants to do. And the soldier inside is on his side helping him because he has the wrong information! He thinks all he has to do is say stuff like do your homework. And that isnt good because if you dont do your school work all the way from start to finish without stopping then it takes a way longer time and that is not fun.

The part that says Do your school work! That part needs more power and more strength so that it can DO something not just SAY something. That part is like a soldier and he needs more power. If it had more control and power like a soldier it could help the other part to settle down.

You know, that reminds me, everybody in any family has a job. Your Dads job is to work and make money. Your moms job is to teach you and cook and wash your clothes. Your job is to be a student and learn. It is a very important job. You have seen grown men in suits at their desks working hard havent you? They are very important. Students are like that. They have a job to do. And did you know that even soldiers go to school? They study VERY hard in a classroom before they can go outside to do their work.

Now we are going to do something special so you can do your work all the way only stopping when your mom or your teacher says its okay. This way youll get done faster.

I want you to imagine that what I am about to say to you is absolutely true. From now on when you are working on school work your are a soldier and you are following the new RIGHT information, the orders of your commander. Here are your orders. From this moment on you are on a secret mission and you must do all of your school lessons to the best of your ability without stopping until you are finished for the day.

From now on your instructions are to relax and become very calm and to focus on your school work and do a very good job at it. As soon as you begin to really focus on your school work you will find that the time passes very quickly and that you actually like learning. Learning is fun and you are good at it.

You feel safe and relaxed while completing each new school assignment. You are as good at doing your school work as you are at your video games because you are a soldier and you are on duty while in school because this is your job. Doing school work is interesting and challenging because you are challenging yourself to do it all the way even when it is tough, just like a soldier would do. And the more you do your work, you get better at it and your grades go up just like when your scores go up when you practice at video games. You have persistence and determination and strength and you are a powerful soldier while doing your work.

And anytime you get an idea to get up from your seat you THINK of that soldier inside with the new orders and you BECOME a soldier and you focus and settle down and do your school work like a good soldier would do with strength and skill and a strong mind. You are strong and you are in control of your body. Your body sits still and finishes your work because you like being strong like this. And you are getting kind of EXCITED about it because it is like a new game that you are winning more and more every day.

A soldier is strong and stubborn. When he has a mission he doesnt let anything stop him. Your new mission is to do your school work and finish it completely only taking breaks that your mother or teacher gives to you. A soldiers job sometimes is tough and this job is going to be a challenge but you know you can handle it! Cause you are so good at it! And you are deciding right now that nothing will stop you! Because you are so strong and determined. You make a pledge to be the best student you can be and work very hard giving it all you have and you love it because you are seeing how good you are at learning and your grades are coming up and you feel really smart!

No matter what thought you get, you dont stop, you keep on doing your school work. No matter what idea you keep working. NO matter what you see or hear you keep doing your homework. Nothing can stop you! Nobody can stop you except your commander, your teacher or mother. You are a soldier and a soldier never gives up and never stops and never gives in.

The more you focus and concentrate on your work the faster it gets done. Time moves quickly and you like learning more and more. You feel safe and secure while learning. You feel relaxed and at ease. You also feel very proud of yourself and confident that can always finish your work and if you ever get the thought that you want to stop and play or do something else you just think of a soldier and then you become that soldier and you keep going until the job is done, no matter how tired you are, no matter how bored you are, no matter what other ideas or thoughts come to you.

And you will find that you are so proud of yourself and that the time moves quickly and that you love learning and that you are smart and very very strong!

Celeste Hackett, CH