Free Hypnosis Session for Billionaires Who Lost Money in 2008

on Thursday, 01 January 2009.

Happy New Year!  

I saw this article in Forbes about how dozens of the worlds richest Billionaires lost money in recent months.  I'm betting I am one of the few people who actually feel sorry for them.  You may be wondering why or how could I.  I mean most of them still have, at least millions left. 

Well, it's kinda like this.  Doing this work that I do, I've found that there are a whole lot of people with money for whom money is all they've got.  A loss like this where identity with dollars and cents is so wrapped up in self-worth can be devastating.  This is a loss, and a loss is a loss is a loss.  And, folks, a loss, hurts. 

Did you know that Sadness comes from the perception of loss?  A lot of money lost equals a lot of sadness to some.

I've seen two kinds of very wealthy people..... 

Those who are actually balanced and happy building, creating, giving and have families and friends that truly love them.  I know one of those personally.  He lives here in Dallas, a most happy, magnanamous man who is so dearly loveable. 

Then there is the kind for whom money is everything and they will be truly hurt by this.  They will feel like they have lost everything and will kick themselves over and over for it.  If this is you, give me a call, we can probably getcha backon track in one to 6 sessions and feeling better than ever. 

Well, there may be a third too, who are somewhere in between anyway...

The truth is the rest of us need you.  You are brilliant!  And you know how to build companies and create jobs for the rest of us.  Let's get you back on your feet doing what you are good at doing. 

Me helping you will be me helping the economy. one ever shows you enough thanks or gratitude.  I just want to say thanks for all you did right to help us for as long as you did with jobs and security. 

Hang in there.  This is just a bump in the road.  And these financial times for someone like you are a wonderful opportunity! 

Oleg?  Anurag?  Anil?  Are You Listening?  So one-time Billionaires, if you need a helping hand with motivation or emotionally, give me a call.  It will be free and we all know that tickles someone like you, who knows a deal when you see one.  :o)

By the way, I do also offer at least one free or low cost set of sessions to those who are financially needy and can't afford my services.  I try to do that about every 6-8 weeks or when my book is slow.  Currently, I am working with a sweet and wonderful lady who is in the seminary.  She is so darling and I just know she'll do great. 

Here is the link to that great article at Forbes:

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