Happy Easter! May you be Growing Spiritually

on Sunday, 12 April 2009.


I believe that a human being is not only body and mind, but is body-mind-spirit. When doing hypnosis I show my clients how to work on their minds and emotions themselves. I also teach a body-mind-spirit approach to self-hypnosis if they want to learn it. It’s called 7th Path and it doesn’t matter what religious back ground you have or even if you are not particularly spiritual. You can learn it and begin to deeply change yourself in the most beneficial and profound ways.    Here is a link to a site that explains more about it:
It’s Easter Sunday as I write this entry in my blog.... 

I send out blessings to everyone. Did you know I pray for you daily? I pray for my past, present and future clients and all of those needing help and searching for love, happiness, health, and peace of mind. 

Happy Easter! I am listening to a beautiful CD of holy songs as I write this! I love the beautiful versus. May I share one songs verses with you?
I have made thee Polestar of my Life
Though my see is dark and my stars are gone
Still I see the path through thy mercy.
I wish you could hearthe tune of it. It’s sung over and over again and brings such peace and faith. This blog spot is not for spiritual things, yet how can I help it? As it is Easter and so being first a seeker of God before all else, I have to bow deeply to the only true healer, therapist and friend we have, the maker of all, the lover of all, the everlasting.
If you would like to purchase a wonderful CD with this moving song and others I recommend the one led by the Nuns of Self-Realization Fellowship.   Its juts a great recording, so moving! I don’t sell it. Here is a link......
It’s only $14.00 and the proceeds go to Self Realization Fellowship, an organization that is all about love and peace. You can learn more about them at:
If you are looking to develop spiritually, you’ll find your soul moves with these songs and the CD offers the lyrics so you can sing along. The songs will fill you full of bliss when you sing from your heart. I love this CD!

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