How Hypnosis Supports Cancer Patients

on Wednesday, 10 December 2008.

John Hopkins - Gives Alternatives to Chemo and Radiation


John Hopkins University is now saying, among other things,  that "cancer is a disease of the mind, body and Spirit."  And that cancer patients should...

 "Learn to relax, love and forgive"  These are all things that hypnotists help clients do on a regular basis.  Helping clients overcome anger and relax are primary goals of any work I do with just about every client.  These things are as important as building self-confidence and self-esteem. 

 I hope if you are going through the challenge of cancer that you'll consider getting help from a good hypnotist to assist you in your journey.  A doctor's referral is necessary, but easy to get.  Just ask your hypnotist to help you get one.  

If you do opt for chemo and/or radiation:  Hypnosis has been proven very effective with helping clients to not lose their hair and helps very much with nausea too.

What I hope even more is that you will read this article on how to be proactive about your care.  Some of the amazing points you'll be surprised about are:  Everyone has cancer cells, Sugar feeds cancer and milk causes mucous that is a food for cancer cells.  Find out more at:


 See Number 15 on the Cancer update from John Hopkins above.


Bless you and be encouraged. You CAN overcome!

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