My Favorite Gadget For Self-improvement

on Monday, 29 December 2008.

I found this thing called an interval timer. I thought you might like to know about it. It has two timer settings on it. Once each timer goes off (with beep or vibrate) at regular intervals it goes off again without having to reset it!

Here is how I have been using mine:   My goal is to become.....


 one with God, you know, more spiritually in touch. I know it's a REALLY big goalLOL!   Anyway...Every 28 minutes my timer vibrates and I begin doing a special spiritual meditation then one minute later the other one vibrates as a signal for me to stop and I forget about it and go on about my day until 28 minutes later when it goes off again!

Work on Whatever You Want Without a String on your Finger!
So all day every hour (or at any interval you want) you can do a visualization, affirmation,self-hypnosis, prayer, breathing technique, become present, relax those neck muscles or bring God into my day with a meditation, whatever you want to work on! The timer keeps going off every hour all day without resetting it!

Great For Increasing your Metabolism too
The one I like (see below) is only $19.95 and It is really made for interval training (working out) so you can use it for that
too. For instance, you can walk for 5 minutes and run for one for instance.

Also, you can use it to exercise one (or more)minute out of every hour of
the day if you want to up your metabolism too!

It also is very small about 2 inches by 1.5 inches. I had my mom sew me an elastic band and I have
it clipped on my ankle at vibrate. Noone knows when it goes offand/or that I am in prayer or meditation. It then goes off one and minute later and I return my mind to my daily activity. I LOVE LOVE LOVE

Imagine if we had our clients get one and had them do an affirmation every hour about their issue?
There are several on the market but this one is rated the best from what I have seen. Click here to take you to the website, but keep in mind there are other interval timers also:

Purchase the Gymboss Interval Timer

Hope you like it. Tell me if you can see the potential for this thing like I can or not.
Makes a great Gift for anyone with a New Year's Resolution!


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