Smoking Ban in Dallas May Cause Rise in Hypnosis Clients

on Saturday, 29 November 2008.

I've seen a recent upsurge in smoking clients in the last year, and now a new smoking draft ordinance expansion is ready for discussion at city hall.  It calls for up to $500 dollar fines.....

for people caught smoking at bars and other public places (or even within 15 feet of them)  in Dallas, but even more interesting is that the owners may be fined as well if a patron is smoking in or within the 15 foot range of their establishment! 

We work with two kinds of smokers.  The kind who have quit many times before pretty easily, but just find it difficlt to make it stick and we specialize in hard-core smokers, those who have ususally smoked for 15 or more years and find it just too stressful or emotional when they try to quit.  The hard-core smokers usually will be difficult to live with when they try to quit or they'll start gaining weight. 

For more information on that new smoking draft ordinance expansion click here:  DALLAS SMOKING BAN



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