The Subconscious Mind May Help the Blind to “See”

on Wednesday, 24 December 2008.

Recently a Harvard Scientist , along with an international team of brain researchers asked a doctor left completely blind by two successive strokes to walk an obstacle course to see if there was anything to a phenomenon called “Blind Sight” the ability to “see” using other parts of the brain. The doctor refused to take part….


…. in the experiment. He said he could see nothing so why bother? 
The cool thing, is, when he finally tried it he went back and forth down the hall sidestepping all the obstacles including trash cans, a tripod and several boxes of paper! In an earlier experiment, one of the researchers the doctor also had emotional blindsight. When the researcher held up images of fearful faces in front of his face he cringed even though he could not see the face. 
The study which also included in-depth brain imaging is the most amazing demonstration of blindsight to date. Blindsight is defined as the ability to sense things using the brains primitive, subcortical, and entirely subconscious visual system.
For more on the research and for a neat video click here:

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