TV Show "Monk" and Hypnosis

on Friday, 26 September 2008.

My co-host of our WebTV show, "Cal Banyan's Hypnosis Etc with Celeste Hackett" just told me on a recent episode we did that the TV series "Monk" featured hypnosis for helping him with his many issues! Is it me or are we seeing hypnosis more in the media?


My mother is madly in love with Monk so I am exceedingly happy to hear this news, because she'll watch it and say hmmm, maybe that Celeste is on to something. Hey, I still want my mom's approval and I am 46 years old, but if this TV show is like so many other of Hollywood's takes on hypnosis, it's bound to be inaccurate LOL!

The media is constantly showing hypnosis to be used in ways it can not be used, or showing it to be ineffective (showing hypnotists with lack of skill doing the work and the outcome being less than what it could and should be). Still, I love a great story too, and very much love that hypnosis is moving even more into the consciousness of our society.

I've never seen "Monk", but from what I understand he has a variety of fears. Fears that haunt him and make him behave in ways, that on the show, seem funny. Do you know someone like this? I promise you, if in real life they are having these kinds of fears, it's not funny for them. Clients suffer greatly from a variety of fears and often well-meaning family and friends will play the problem down, laugh it off or worse, just tell them to "get over it".

The great thing about using hypnosis for overcoming (not just managing) fear, is how quickly clients get better. Just today I worked with a 20-something for fear of testing. She would freeze anytime she had to take an exam. Her fear went all the way back to her Mom and Dad fighting. She was amazingly better in just 2 sessions, but we did 5 to make it more likely to be permanent. I like to do deepest and most thorough work I can do.

Moms and dads fighting in front of the kids. Boy, that is a blog topic I'll have to make sure I expand on one day. Family fights often are the beginning of many of my clients problems.

Fear of flying, fear of heights, fear of testing, fear of relationships, fear of dogs, the list goes on and on. If you have a fear, an anxiety, an apprehension think about hypnosis and talk it over with your mental health provider and/or a qualified hypnotist. You can overcome this problem usually in 4-6 sessions. And from what my clients tell me....It's great to be free!

Now, what celebrity would you recommend getting some hypnosis? Brittney Spears? Tom Cruise? Angelina Jole? Seems like some of them just go round and round and never get over stuff. What a shame. Aren't there any good hypnotists in Hollywood?

One day, maybe one of my clients will write a book and hypnosis will get portrayed as the amazing tool for healing it is. Until then....what channel is that Monk guy on anyway?

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